Fun and Games

The Critchlore Diploma

Congratulations! You've completed all four books! You've earned this prestigious diploma, complete with the Critchlore Family Crest. Evil Overlords everywhere will be anxious to hire you! Well done! 

Download your copy here: 


Why do you read? There are as many reasons as there are books, but I thought I'd try to pinpoint some of the things that I enjoy, and that I hope my books provide. 

To feed your imagination? To have an adventure? To explore new worlds? Or to feel what it's like to go up against impossible odds when everything is going wrong and it looks like the bad guy will win? 

If you would like a sticker, there are a limited number available here: 

If you'd like some book recommendations based on these stickers, go here: 

Idea Cards

These are the idea cards that I talked about on the idea page, along with an example of how to fill one out. You can download the image and print it out, or buy a pack of plain 4x6 index cards and make your own. 

Poetry App

Create poetry using Critchlore-approved words. It's free! It's fun!