Critchlore Mini-Mysteries

Prize Page

Have you watched all the videos and solved all the mysteries and puzzles? Than you deserve a prize! Send me an email at: and tell me which one you want, along with your mailing address. Your privacy is important to me, so please know that I will not share or publish or use any address information you enter. I merely want to share my love of mysteries and books and reading! 

Unfortunately, at this time I can only send prizes to people who live in the US and Canada and Lower Worb. 

So, choose your prize - one of the stickers or the Bookmark/pin combo, and send me an email at Let me know where to send your prize. I do not keep your contact information. I'm just a humble author trying to spread my love of reading and mysteries and monsters. 


Quantities are limited, one per household. 

Critchlore Why I Read Stickers

Choose one: 1. To Feed My Imagination, 2. To Have An Adventure, 3. To Explore New Worlds, or 4. To Feel What It's Like to Go Up Against Impossible Odds, When Everything Is Going Wrong and It Looks Like The Bad Guy Will Win. 





Critchlore Bookmark and pin

It's a nice bookmark, with a picture of the book, and it's signed by the author. The pin has the Critchlore logo on it. I'll add pictures later, but I'm kind of tired right now, so...