"Cleverly told, this original take on a classic tale uses an unconventional setting to explore universal emotions. Hand this to fans of whimsical retellings." - School Library Journal

On planet Yipsmix, everyone has synesthesia. To Yipsmixers, words have tastes, numbers have distinct personalities, and emotions have color and shape. It's an unusual planet, and on this unusualy planet Jaq Rollop is having a rough time. His next-door neighbors are bullies, his family's crops are dying, and his mom is making him sell his beloved pet so they can buy food. Things go from bad to worse when Jaq is tricked into trading his pet for a worthless old key. His mom is furious, and Jaq feels bluer than a 38, which everyone knows is a very sad number. 

But then something strange happens. It turns out that the seemingly worthless key contains a hidden map, which leads Jaq through a wormhole to a terrifying and magical land - a land full of riches, overwhelming sensations, and giants. The name of this frightening land? Earth.