The Right Trail

You stumble across an abandoned shed. The meadow is quiet, but you hear rustling noises from inside the shack.
     "I heard a voice swearing," Rema says. "Someone is inside."
     "It sounds like Taryd," you say. "And it sounds like he has the dragon."
     "Should we go inside?" 

The Choices

Click on the circles to reveal the clues
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Go inside. The dragon likes hiding in small, enclosed spaces, and that shed is pretty small.

Clearly someone is inside. But if Taryd has the dragon, how will we get it from him?
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Make some loud noises outside. You remember the dragon doesn't like loud sounds. This way, at least you'll know if it's inside.

But a scared dragon might torch the shed.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Take a it...wait for some likes...and then go inside.

You know this is wrong, right? But if you really want a lecture...go ahead and pick this one. (I should have thought up a better option, sorry).
Which do you choose?
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