The River

The trail next to the river is quiet, and the setting is beautiful. If you were a baby dragon, you'd probably want to hang out here for a while.
There's a clearing to the right, past a barrier of bushes and shrubs. To the left is a granite wall, with a dark cave.
     "Look at the scorched twigs in the meadow," Rema says. "The dragon went that way."
     "But that looks like a white feather by the cave," you point out. "Where should we go?" 

The Choices

Click on the circles to reveal the clues
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Head for the clearing. There's no trail, you'll have to trudge through the bushes.

Those scorched twigs could be regular twigs, with black bark.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Check out the cave. It's closer, and could be reached by a baby dragon. It's very dark inside though.

Is it bear hibernating season? Yes, yes it is.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Go back to the lake. You are so far away from where the dragon was last spotted. It's hard to imagine it could make it this far.

Why are you wasting your time way out here? 
Which do you choose?
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