The Lake

Wow, it's crowded here! Look at all the people wanting to save poor Flex!
You can see a variety of strategies here, too. Some people think that if you hold a large poster, the dragon will be lured closer to read what it says. It's true, dragons are a curious species, but I don't think they can read until they're at least two.
     "I think this crowd is going to scare away the dragon," Rema says. You nod in agreement.

     "What should we do?"

The Choices

Click on the circles to reveal the clues
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Head for the river. There are fewer people over there, but it's on the far side of the lake. Could the dragon have gone that far? 

But if you needed water and were afraid of crowds, that's where you'd go, maybe. 
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
You see some friends in the crowd. Rema thinks we should focus on the search - there's not much time! - but it would be rude not to say hi, right?

Ned tells the funniest jokes.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Maybe you should go back to the forest. It's where the dragon was last seen, and you can see a flock of crows heading this way from there. Crows don't like dragons.

But you hate changing your mind.
Which do you choose?
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