The Forest

It's much quieter over here in the forest.
    "That's interesting," Rema says. "Someone has erased the trail marker." 
    "Maybe the same someone who left that trail of Lucky Charms on the ground," you say. "Taryd!" 
     "And look," you continue. "There are no blue marshmallows heading to the left."
     "But there's a scorched bush just ahead, to the right," Rema says. "Which way should we go?"

The Choices

Click on the circles to reveal the clues
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Head to the right. You see a flock of crows taking flight from a spot in that direction. Crows are afraid of dragons, even small ones.

One of the bushes on that trail looks a little scorched.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Go back to the lake. Maybe there's nobody here for a reason. The dragon needs water, and there's none here.

You could wash off those Lucky Charms you picked up and eat them there.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Head to the left. The trail of Lucky Charms leads in that direction, and the blue marshmallows are missing. Taryd may have tried to lure the dragon that way.

Plus, you're hungry, and the marshmallows on the ground aren't THAT dirty.
Which do you choose?
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