The Left Trail

"Something doesn't feel right," Rema says, picking up another Lucky Charm.
     "Taryd left this trail of cereal," you say. "He's trying to lure the dragon." 
     "Or is he trying to lure us away from the other path?" 
     "But look at the scorched twigs," you say. "Would he really risk starting a forest fire just to trick us?" 
    Rema doesn't answer. She just stares at the long trail ahead.
     "What should we do?"

The Choices

Click on the circles to reveal the clues
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Keep going. The dragon could be around the far corner. Turning around feels like failure.

Something is rustling ahead.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Cut through the trees to get to the other trail. It feels like someone is planting evidence, and Taryd is a sneak.

We should check the other trail.
Cartoon image of a lake and mountains
Go back to the trailhead. It's safer than walking through unmarked woods. If we run, we can make up for lost time.

We don't want to get lost.
Which do you choose?
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